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About Us

Progressive Specialties, Inc. was founded in 1977 with the goal of creating high quality embroidered patches and vinyl decals for the military. Coming from a military background, company founders fully understood the circumstances, requirements and obstacles they were getting involved in and from the beginning created every piece and delivered every service with precise attention to detail. 


Today, we deliver an even higher level of quality products to assorted companies, non-profit organizations, clubs, government agencies and countless other groups or individuals, while still serving military units. As our customer based expanded, so did our product selection. In addition to creating the highest quality embroidered patches on the market, we also offer other customized products and memorabilia such as decals, lanyards, coins, lapel pins bottle openers and more.  We purposely limit the NUMBER of products we offer so as to give you the best SERVICE, best PRICE, and MOST ATTENTION TO DETAIL for the products we do have.  Many of our customers report problems with companies that try to "do everything."


Getting a good "deal" on poor quality merchandise is really no good deal at all, which is why our emphasis has always been on quality products, helpful service and effective support. We have confidence in the quality of our products—a confidence we’re sure you will soon come to know and hold as a standard.  In some cases, we charge a nominal set up fee (die charge, mold fee).  Some of our competitors roll this into the unit price. Don’t be misled.  When it’s in the unit price you pay the set up fee with every order (costing you far more over time).


There is nothing political in our name - it's just a name we've used for decades.

Finally, a portion of every sale supports our precious, wounded veterans.  When you purchase from us, you show your support and gratitude to them!

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.  

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