Custom Vinyl Decals (ZAPs)


Our decals are printed on high quality 3-5 year vinyl that is 6 mils thick.  Our pricing allows you to have decals for any occasion.  With our solvent inkjet technology, you don't pay for screens which means we can print in "millions" of colors for the same price as one color, screened.  We can print your huge logo up to about 48" on the NARROW side (and even greater on the long side).  Adhesive is opposite of the logo for "outside of the window" use.  We can also print on BANNER material. Please inquire here for large decal pricing.  Also, please inquire for "inside window" decals.


Over 2" and up to 4" size

 100 decals = $0.99 ea

 250 decals =   .89 ea

 500 decals =   .79 ea

1000 decals =   .59 ea

2000 decals =   .54 ea

2" size and less

 100 decals = $0.79 ea

 250 decals =   .69 ea

 500 decals =   .59 ea

1000 decals =   .39 ea

2000 decals =   .34 ea

2" size and less are

printed 2 pcs per 'sheet'

Pricing and specifications subject to change without notice.

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