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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the difference in 70% embroidered emblems and greater than 70% embroidery?

A. Embroidered emblems have thread sewn onto a twill (fabric) background.  If the background is COMPLETELY covered with thread, it is 100% embroidered.  If ANY of the background shows through it has less than 100% embroidery.  70% is a measure of how much coverage the emblem has and therefore how much material and time it takes to complete the emblem.

Q. Is there an advantage to more (or less) than 70% embroidery?

A. It is mostly personal preference.  (It could come down to a pricing preference.) If less than 100% embroidery, the background color effectively adds to the total number of colors and thus you could have 10 colors for the price of 9.  There may be cases where there aren't enough background colors. A very specific background color may require using THREAD which means you've got to go with 100% embroidery.

Q. Have you any design tips?

A. This could be a very lengthy section.  Sketch your idea at the actual size you'd like it.  Decide the type of edge/border you'd like (hereand allow for it's width/thickness.  Plan on text being 1/4" tall.  We can go smaller but clarity of text gets degraded RAPIDLY at smaller sizes.  In general, plan on 9 colors or less as pricing includes 9 colors of thread (including the border).  Keep in mind that there are severe limits to SHADING when using thread.  Thread is either there or not there and it's width is constant.  What we can do is change thread stitch directions and that can sometimes make it appear to be shaded.  



Q. Can you make a coin from a photograph?

A. We can use a photograph for an idea but you cannot make a die struck coin directly from a photograph due to resolution limitations.  As an alternative, we can SCREEN PRINT a logo of a photograph ONTO a coin and then cover it with an epoxy dome.  The screens and the epoxy dome will raise the price.



  - What's the difference?


Q. What is the difference in a key RING, key FOB, and key FLAG?

A.  We define them thusly: 

1.  A key RING is often a charm attached to a split metal ring.  It has no post & clutch or other backing attachment.

2.  A key FOB is a coin-like object (usually smaller/thinner than typical die struck coins or RMOs) with a swivel attachment between it and a split metal ring.

3.  A key FLAG is an embroidered patch, usually a long, thin rectangle (but that is NOT a requirement) with a metal eyelet and a split metal ring.  REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT logos are generally key flags.



Q. Do dog tags have to be like coins?  (They're heavy.)

A. That would be a negative - they do NOT have to be thick and heavy like coins.  We can do silk screened tags, laser engraved tags, photo etched tags, etc.  Please inquire.




Yes, we do woven neck lanyards.  Woven means NO silk screened ink to flake off.  Woven means they are a "tube" and thus the backside is always on the inside.  -no backwards lettering!  Please inquire.



Q. Why do you charge a new mold fee for a repeat order when it's more than 2 years?

A.  It comes down to physical space.  Molds and dies take up room.  We cannot know nor keep track of any design that may be a single use or repeat use.  After 2 years we must assume you aren't coming back for more and dies and molds are destroyed/discarded to  make room for more.  Consider a reorder as you approach 2 years old to reset the clock, even if you don't immediately need more product.  It will SAVE YOU MONEY!



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