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Recognition Coins

Coins come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  You'd wonder how some shapes are even called "coins!"

Some are triangles, rectangles, have points or odd shapes.  Some have holes (cut outs).  Most coins are made of brass and are die struck with a huge machine.  Exotic shapes are made of molten zinc and are poured.  While typical finishes are silver tone or gold tone (either bright or antiqued) we offer multiple variations.


QUANTITY:     50     100    200    500+

38, 42, 45mm $5.59  $4.49  $4.09  $3.79 

50mm          6.99   5.99   5.29   4.99 

Die charges:

38-42mm (round) $160

45mm (round)    $185

50mm (round)    $215

Odd shapes and cutouts add to the die cost.

Prices shown are each and include up to 6 colors per side, 2D on each side.  For 3D add $50 per side to the die charge. Dies/molds expire after 2 years without a reorder.  Normal thickness is 3mm.  Normal finish is bright nickel (silver tone) or bright brass (gold tone).  Some designs dictate adding an antiqued finish to make text or other objects more visible.

 Common options, price per coin:

 Each additional color     $0.25   

 Laser Consecutive numbering .45

 Antiqued finish             .25

 Epoxy covering   (per side) .30

 Sandblasting     (per side) .45 

 3.5mm thickness             .45

 Two tone overlay (per side) .95

 Diamond cut or knurled edge .75 

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