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Embroidered emblems are by far the most common type.  

These are sewn or stitched onto a (typically twill [fabric]) background.  A design must first be 'digitized' into embroidery machine code.  That involves the digitizer interpreting your design into 'process compliant' stitching.  Many companies digitize "in house" to save money.  We send your project out to the best digitizers in the world.  Yes, this costs us more but digitizing is very important:  you cannot produce a high quality emblem using inferior digitizing.  It is a highly complex, time consuming task and this is no place to save a few cents per emblem.


Some emblems allow the background color to show through.  Other emblems have 100% embroidery coverage. Imagine a design stitched onto your blue jeans.  If the denim shows through anywhere within the confines of the design, this is LESS than 100% embroidery coverage.  If the denim is completely covered, it is 100% embroidered.


Our pricing has a break at 70% embroidery coverage.  If you are unsure for your logo, just assume greater than 70% coverage when you're calculating cost and you may get a pleasant surprise when the actual price is less than you expect!


There are typically two kinds of borders:  

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