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PVC Rubber Emblems & Key Fobs

PVC rubber emblems are single-sided and can have 3D logos at no additional cost.  With a hole, they become a key fob. Rubber emblems are washable and have amazing strenth and longevity.  Add sewn male Velcro, if needed.  Limit of 8 colors.  GLOW-IN-THE-DARK (as in V-22 Osprey below) adds $0.30 per piece.

Determine size using the "average" method:  Draw a box around your logo.  Add height to width and divide by 2.  Round up, if necessary.  Minimum order quantity: 100 pcs.  Add $85 mold fee (good for 2 years.  Clock resets with a reorder).



01 PSS-01171B.jpg
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