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Tips and How Tos


There is more to emblem design than merely sitting down with a pencil and starting to draw.



  • Size, actual dimensions

  • Number of colors

  • Text (how much, placement, size)

  • Main object or emphasis, type of objects

  • Overall shape, traditional shapes, odd shapes

  • Level of detail


Sketch your idea with a pencil so you can erase and make changes.  Use different force or shading to represent changes of color.  Redraw your idea at the actual size you wish to use.  Consider the border.  If you intend to use a merrowed border, draw it at 1/8" in width (not just a thin pencil line).


Most embroidered text needs to be 1/4" tall, minimum.  This is so we can use a SATIN stitch.  While we CAN go smaller, we'll lose some clarity and eventually have to use a RUNNING stitch.  Think of forming letters at a small size using match sticks.  They have no smooth form or corners.  Don't attempt to crowd too much text into the space you have.  It is a common error to draw text too small.  Text is often a limiting factor in emblem design.


What is the main subject of your design?  What message are you trying to convey?  Give this ample room to be sewn.


Draw your logo in the colors you wish to use.  Consider the count.  We include up to 9 colors of thread in our basic pricing.  There is conceivably no limit to the number of colors but more colors adds to the price.  We've never done a patch with more than 14 colors.  We can use stitch patterns and directions to add to shades of a color.  It's OK if you change your mind for a color after it is drawn.  Just point to it with an arrow and a note saying "Change to ________."


Use a shape that compliments or enhances the main idea in your design.


Higher levels of detail can sometimes be obtained in woven emblems than in embroidered emblems but with some restrictions.  Pixels are square and thus curves can be a 'challenge'.  Also, we cannot obtain the same results for objects such as feathers as we can with thread and stitches.


Avoid using human characters.  There simply isn't enough resolution or colors. Cartoon type characters are OK.

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