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An embroidered emblem has the logo stitched ONTO a background.  A WOVEN emblem is IN the background. Embroidery is slightly 3D (raised above the background).  Woven emblems are smooth.  


Woven emblems have slightly higher 'resolution' than embroidered emblems and thus are suitable for high detail. Embroidered emblems MAY have jump stitches between letters.  Woven emblems have none.  Some objects may have "dots" in them due to the woven process (see the comparison below).

Any design must first be 'digitized' into machine code.  This involves the digitizer interpreting your design into 'process compliant' code.  Many companies digitize "in house" to save money.  We send your project out to the best digitizers in the world.  Yes, this costs us more but digitizing is very important:  you cannot produce a high quality emblem using inferior digitizing.  It is a highly complex, time consuming task and this is no place to save a few cents per emblem.


There are typically two kinds of borders:                                                                   



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