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Embroidered key flags


Embroidered key flags are a two-sided embroidered emblem with a metal eyelet and split metal ring.   By far the most popular are rectangular in shape but they can be any other suitable shape.  Review emblem design tips here.    


Key flags usually have primarily text on them.  The most popular is the REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT style in red background, red trim, and white lettering.  They can have a logo as well but as there is not a lot of vertical space, logos are small and lack fine detail.  Consider this when designing your key flag.

Up to approx ~1.1" x ~5" size (pricing includes split metal ring):

100 pieces = $2.99 each

150 pieces = $2.49 each

300 pieces = $1.99 each

500 pieces = $1.69 each

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